Travelhome Cooking Tips from our community

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There is a whole new lifestyle that comes with owning a Fifth Wheeler Caravan. We have put a lot of groundwork in to ensure that our Travelhomes provide every comfort that your home would. Something that is a huge area if interest for new Owners is the kitchen functionality of

Brand new 26 ft rolling out the door today!

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The 26ft is one of our most popular models We have been working on this beauty over the last 3 months and are excited to see it hit the road today! We’re handing over the keys today and watching this baby roll out with some excited Travelhome owners. This will be their second Travelhome

Nomad Life: Preparing for life on the road

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You may be stuck in an unfulfilling career path, bound to a mortgage you no longer feel is necessary or simply ready to downsize and open a new chapter in your life. The Nomad Life appeals to many- and you will catch many people musing that it would be great to do ‘one

Brand new Travelhome 23ft for sale!

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3 year construction warranty 2 x 180 watt Solar panels Under storage box 200 amp hour lithium battery Harrier reverse Air-Conditioner Adjustable table leg Large, extended bathroom Sleeps 2 comfortably 24″ flat screen TV with remote Catalana bench tops Full Kitchen with pantry & benchtop Granite interior Smoke detector & fire alarm system 12V

Fifth Wheeler Lifestyle – what our experienced owners say

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Keeping up with our community is one of our top priorities- as the investment in a Travelhome is really a lifestyle decision- we like to ensure that our community is feeling all the benefits that go with our product. We recently asked our Travelhome Fifth Wheelers Facebook Group if they could sum up

Top 3 Road Trips to do in Australia

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The Great Ocean Road The Great Ocean Road is a great Australian National treasure; a must for foreigners staying in Australia for shorter stays and a route regularly travelled by Residents. The sheer volume of attractions is enough to draw you in to this adventure including the worlds largest war memorial, natural

Top 3 Waterfalls in New South Wales

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Minyon Falls Nestled in Nightcap National Park near Byron Bay is the dramatic plunging Minyon Falls. The perfect travel bug destination; to reach the falls is a strenuous trek but well worth the effort according to an abundance of positive reviews found online. It is recommended to be prepared for a long walk

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