Is registration and insurance a problem?

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No. Registration costs vary from state to state but you will be able to register a Travelhome anywhere in Australia. The Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA) welcomes Travelhome owners as members of the club and they will comprehensively insure both your Travelhome and tow vehicle.

Will I get any after sales service if I purchase a Travelhome?

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Certainly! If you purchase a Travelhome you do so with the knowledge that we are an Australian-owned and Australian-based RV dealer with an after sales division. So, if you do have a problem anywhere in Australia we will use our network to help get you back on the road quickly and safely, and always remember

What warranty will I get if I purchase a new Travelhome?

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Every original new Travelhome owner receives a 3-year construction warranty. Travelhome has been designed and built in Australia to withstand Australian road and weather conditions and this exclusive new vehicle warranty signifies the high level of confidence in the build quality of every new unit sold.

Where should the hitch be positioned?

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A Travelhome hitch ideally should be positioned so that the tow ball is mounted at least 50mm in front of the centre of the rear axle. In this position, some of the Travelhomes weight will be transferred to the front wheels of the towing vehicle. However, this towing hitch position is not essential and we

Where are Travelhomes built?

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Incorporating over 35 years of vehicle building experience, each Travelhome is individually constructed in Caves Beach, between the Central Coast & Newcastle in NSW. Being Australian built means every Travelhome is manufactured to comply with The Australian Motor Vehicle Standards Act, 1989. Come in and see us and we'll be more than happy to help!

What are the advantages of a Travelhome?

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When compared with towing a conventional caravan, the main benefits of a Travelhome are: -  Easier to hitch and unhitch. The owner only has to raise the Travelhome to the correct height with the push of a button, and then reverse the tow vehicle under the nose of the Travelhome. - Safer and Easier to

Are Travelhomes difficult to tow?

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Not at all. The position of the hitch and the low overall height makes towing a Travelhome very safe and easy, particularly when compared to towing a conventional caravan. This is simply because the hitch or connection point on a Travelhome is where it should be – placed above the rear wheels of the tow

Are Travelhomes difficult to hitch/unhitch ?

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Every Travelhome is supplied standard with remote control lifting jacks and a quick release tow coupling so it takes only a couple of minutes to hitch or unhitch your tow vehicle. There is no manual winding to hitch a Travelhome as is required with a standard caravan.

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