We find that our customers invest in a Fifth Wheeler in order to take more control of their lives; they want to freely pack-up and travel wherever they please for a holiday. Holiday trips become less complicated when you can take a comfortable and safe home right along with you. Our goal is to bring an uncomplicated life to our customers- where they can roam wherever they wish and enjoy holidays with less hassle and more freedom.

Every year, we assist our customers in prepping for the holidays; it’s definitely our favourite time as we get to see everyone off for their adventures.

At the very top of a Caravan Owners to-do list should be to make sure their caravan or fifth wheeler is road-ready- ensuring a smooth, safe ride for the family on their adventure!

The thing that we notice some of our customers struggling with is making time to book in for a service before the holiday breaks come around- as we all know, it comes around so quick! We book out very quickly for services and repairs around September all the way through January. We wanted to touch base with our customers and Caravan owners to recommend booking a little earlier to ensure you get a time that suits you.

The assurance of knowing your Caravan is road-ready will mean you can start looking further down your holiday to-do list at things like where to stop, what to eat and who to visit!

Avoid leaving your services and repairs till the last minute and book in a little earlier this year. Best bet is to call us first for a consultation so we can assess your Caravan’s needs and put your mind at ease.