Travelhome FifthWheeler | Social Media Community Use Policy

By joining or participating in Travelhome FifthWheelers social media profiles (pages & groups), you are agreeing to be bound by, and adhere to the Travelhome FifthWheelers Social Media Community Use Policy.

We monitor our social media sites and pages as much as possible – and will respond and participate as often as possible.


Any members of the Travelhome Owners group, or individuals able to view our public page, is welcome to make comments providing they are relevant and adhere to the Posting & Commenting Policy (below). We expect all member to be considerate of other persons who are members of a group or site or view and/or comment on our public pages. Please reach each particular group or page description to help you determine what is appropriate. All submitted posts and/or comments are checked by an admin to ensure they adhere to the Posting & Commenting Policy.

Posting & Commenting Policy

We reserve the right to delete, without notice, posts and comments that contain any of the elements listed below. Therefore, please DO NOT submit any content containing the following.

  • Anti-Social Behaviour: We ask you to refrain from using anti-social behaviour on our social media sites. We endeavour to create a welcoming and reliable social media community. Anti-social behaviour includes
    • Personal attacks
    • Profanity
    • Nastiness
    • Negative content
    • Inappropriate or offensive comments or posts
    • Non-construction derogatory comments
    • Sexually explicit language or images
    • Comments regarding fraud, dishonesty or unethical behaviour
    • Anything that is illegal, harassing, defamatory, hateful, racist or otherwise objectionable
  • Discrimination: Travelhome FifthWheelers does not discriminate on the basis of political, corporate, union or religious belief, age, race, gender, sexual orientation or creed – we ask you to respect this and do the same.
  • Commercial or self-interest content: Content that promotes a business, government agency, union, research institute, organisation or individual that is not sanctioned by Travelhome FifthWheelers (and its admins) is not acceptable. Such content will be removed without explanation or warning. Examples inclue
    • Promotion of an individual, organisation or company in pursuit of:
      • Escalating self-interest, or peer or public recognition of an organisation or business
      • Provision of goods and/or services, or
      • Attracting clients, following or members
    • Any form of advertising
  • Questionable Information – content must not contain information that
    • Is spam
    • Is off-topic or irrelevant subject matter
    • Infringes on copyrights or trademarks
    • Promotes illegal or questionable activites

Personal Information
Please never post or comment information that includes your own or another individual’s personal contact details

Blocking of Admins/Moderators
Blocking of Admins or Moderators from seeing posts or comments will mean automatic expulsion from a group and/or banning from a page.

Edit & Removal of Content
If necessary, and without notice, the admins and moderators reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to screen and edit or remove any content, that is deemed inappropriate. We also reserve the right to remove posts containing links. Although we may screen and edit or remove content, we are not responsible for the content posted by others.

Facebook Terms of Service
We accept the Terms of Service administered by Facebook. In addition to agreeing and adhering to Travelhome FifthWheelers Social Media Community Use Policy, by using Facebook, you agree to Facebook’s Terms of Service as well.

Instagram Terms of Service
We accept the Terms of Service administered by Instagram. In addition to agreeing and adhering to Travelhome FifthWheelers Social Media Community Use Policy, by using Instagram, you agree to Instagram’s Terms of Service as well.

Violating Policy
If you violate this policy, your comments will be deleted, and you may be banned from groups, pages or sites.

Permission to Use
By sharing a photo, post or comment on our publicly visible Facebook page, you hereby grant Travelhome FifthWheelers, a non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free license, in perpetuity to use the submitted content together with your name for promotional purposes in any media. This includes, but is not limited to; websites, social networks, television, and newspaper and is without restrictions or limitations.

If you have any questions regarding the Travelhome FifthWheelers Social Media Community Use Policy, please email remembering to include your contact details; name, phone number, email address, residential address and your questions.