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Services Overview

Here at Travelhome, we offer a variety of services.

These include:

General Service

Maintenance Work

Polish & Detail

Have a problem?

Not to worry, we’ve handled all sorts of problems before – big and small. You name it, we’ll be able to repair it.

Send us an enquiry and we’ll be in contact as soon as possible.

Travelhomes need to be serviced regularly – like your car.

We recommend a service once or twice a year.

The advantages of regular service are:

Increased Safety

Increased Fuel Economy

Increased Paint Protection

Increased Travelhome Lifespan

Increased Resale Value

Decreased Chance of Accident

Decreased Chance of Breakdown

Decreased Chance of Heavy Damage

Want to explore all your finance options?

Give us a call on 1300 784 495


Shoot us an email at enquiries@travelhome.com.au

So we can assist you in making the best decision regarding your finances and purchasing your new Travelhome.