Trade-ins and Re-selling

In life, our needs change over time. The same can be said of the needs of our Fifth Wheelers and Caravans; whether it be a simple change in personal preference or through an adverse circumstance.

There are a few different routes people take when re-selling or upgrading their Travelhome. By liaising with us throughout the process, we can advise you based on our experience and your individual needs. We are transparent about what is truly the best option for you and will be happy to advise that you may get a better deal by re-selling privately.

The trade-in process at Travelhome involves our customers bringing in their older models in return for a brand-new Travelhome. The trade-in process usually occurs when our customers’ needs have changed; they may have realised that they want to spend more time on the road and need more space for example. It’s our aim to ensure that every one of our customers is comfortable in their Travelhome, so coming to us when they are looking at new options is the safest bet.

We take you through the design and structure of our models, and help you map out which Travelhome will better meet your needs.

Contact us to get started on the trade-in process