Regular Servicing

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It’s important to protect your Travelhome from damages that occur over time and place you at risk. Most commonly, our customers will book their Travelhome in for a full service once a year. Very similarly to your every-day Car, that regular maintenance and service ensures that every time you get on the road, you are doing so at a highly reduced risk.

Our full service includes the below:

• Mechanical Service – brakes, bearings, axle checks, structural chassis
• Interior Service – all electrical (for example, air conditioning, fuses, globes etc), plumbing, adjustments to seats, blinds etc

We offer the additional option of a polish + detail to bring your Travelhome to its full shining glory!

The advantages of regular service are:
• Increased Safety
• Increased life of tyres
• Increased Paint Protection
• Increased Travelhome Lifespan
• Increased Resale Value
• Decreased Chance of Accident
• Decreased Chance of Breakdown
• Decreased Chance of Heavy Damage

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