Upgrades and customisation is our speciality

At Travelhome, we know that you may want to make changes to your Travelhome as your circumstances change, as technology advances etc. As a result, we offer after-sales services to help you mould your Travelhome to suit your needs. If you have an idea to further customise or modify your Travelhome, we can assess the required work and prepare an obligation-free quote for you. It’s our aim to give you the safest and most comfortable Travelhome possible, so we always encourage you to come to us for modifications and upgrades. Our experienced team have handled a broad range of upgrades from new lithium batteries, to new bed designs, and alternative storage options. Some common upgrades include:

• Alternative storage options
• Bedroom designs and bed options
• Lithium battery upgrade
• Kitchen modifications
• Lounge design & fabric upgrades

Additionally, we keep our community in the loop about new features that we work in to expand our product. By following us on Facebook or subscribing to our Newsletter, you can stay up-to-date about new features and developments to the design and structure of our Travelhomes.

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