• Large storage and living space

  • Improved hitch design

  • Fuel efficient, cutting edge design

  • Secure towing

  • Local Manufacturer and on-going support


Thinking of buying second hand? We buy and sell second hand Caravans. Contact us if you’d like to Trade-in or see our used stock.


We build custom Caravans and Fifth Wheelers from scratch at our locally owned manufacturing warehouse in Caves Beach, NSW


Don’t neglect your Caravan or Fifth Wheeler! We provide a wide range of services to Caravan owners from insurance to customisations.

Travelhome is one of the leading providers of Fifth Wheeler Caravans nationwide.

Travelhome provides luxurious, robust, safe, stylish and secure Fifth Wheelers to Australians all around the country.
Our workshop is located in Caves Beach, a coastal city in the Lake Macquarie region. The Travelhome warehouse is located 1 hour 30 minutes from Sydney and 1 hour from Newcastle Airport; where we store our Caravans and Fifth Wheelers for sale and conduct repairs and maintenance on a broad range of Caravans.

All of our Travelhome Fifth Wheelers are custom built from the ground up – from the frame to the kitchen sink. All construction and engineering is managed here in Caves Beach, and all of our products are engineered locally in Newcastle to ensure the highest quality Travelhome. Our Travelhome Fifth Wheelers are designed to withstand Australian conditions on Australian roads; this means we know EVERYTHING there is to know about our product and what we sell. Pride in our work is an understatement.

There are currently over 360 Travelhomes exploring every corner of beautiful Australia, and even more satisfied customers!
(Just read our Reviews!)

“Roomier than a caravan; would never go back to one and are very comfortable and the staff at Travelhome are very friendly.”


“Travelhome has exceeded our expectations and the whole process of discussions, meetings and pick-up have been smooth and enjoyable. “

Rin & Sue

“It is refreshing to find people who obviously work well together, and who happily make the time for their customers. Again, thank you.”

Norm & Sandy

“We are the lucky owners of a 212, we love it! We use the 25footer for Mum, Dad and 2 Primary School aged kids!”


Recommended Car Models

This is a list of the recommended car models for towing your Travelhome.

If your car model isn’t on this list, give us a call to discuss how we can help you with a custom hitch.

We always offer great deals for car & Travelhome Fifth Wheeler Combos. Contact us today!

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Towing your Travelhome

For towing your Travelhome, we design and manufacture a custom, high-quality hitch system for your vehicle and install it as part of your Travelhome set-up. Each hitch we install is a custom design to best suit you and your vehicle.

Every hitch installation is certified for compliance and every system is safe and easy to use.

Read more about our hitch design process




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