As part of your Travelhome setup, we design and engineer a custom hitch and install it into your vehicle. The design and manufacturing of the hitch is a big part of the construction process on our end. We start by assessing your vehicle and make recommendations to you of the necessary steps forward to setting up your dream Travelhome rig.

The hitch design is entirely dependant upon the type of vehicle you are using to tow the Fifth Wheeler. There are some standard hitch types, but each hitch we install is a custom design.

Our specialist engineer assesses and certifies the hitch design before installation; giving you a certificate of compliance at completion.

Our hitch installation process is robust, leaving no stone unturned. We do not send out Travelhome’s without a safe and easy to use hitch installed. Our hitch installation is part of our promise at Travelhome that our customers enjoy the highest quality, industry-leading technology.

If you intend to purchase a vehicle to tow a Travelhome Fifth Wheeler, be sure to call us first.

We will advise you on the best solution for your lifestyle and your specific needs. Our engineers have fitted countless hitch systems to a broad range of vehicles.

There are more vehicles than the ones outlined here that can be suitable for towing a Travelhome; this is a rough guide of the most common vehicles used to tow Travelhomes.

We find that the best first step is a phone chat with one of our team. We will take your personal preferences and needs into account and advise you on the steps forward towards owning your very own Travelhome.

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