Just like any vehicle or caravan, a Travelhome will occasionally suffer from damage from unforeseen circumstances. Chances are that your Travelhome will require repair work at some point; whether it may be a simple paint scrape, fitting replacement, or a more serious accident.

For the best advice when an accident has damaged your Travelhome, contact our service team. Our customers are given the assurance of knowing that the team that built their Travelhome are available for repair work at our local Caves Beach workshop. We develop a strong relationship with our customers over time by providing on-going support for all manner of Fifth Wheeler maintenance.

*Note that we carry out repair work on a range of Caravans and Fifth Wheelers, not just Travelhomes. 

Occasionally we liaise with customers in different states who require repairs and send parts to them or advise on their best options to get out of a jam. At Travelhome, our aim is provide a high level of customers support. So, we encourage you to contact our team if you need repair work so you can be certain you’re safe and comfortable in your Travelhome.

Contact us to discuss your requirements