5 Apps You Must Use When Travelling Australia

#1 – WikiCamps Australia

Wikicamps provides information regarding both free and paid campsites, caravan parks, rest areas and other interesting places. They also provide information about the accessibility of each campsite, the campsite amenities and if pets are welcome. They boast over 8000 campsites tracked and located Australia wide.

Wikicamps is ran by other campers and caravanners. They can submit information about new campsites or update old campsites by providing pictures.

The content within Wikicamps is user-generated. This means everyday travellers who use the app can enter campsites and contribute useful info, like pictures of the campsites and leaving comments.

Wikicamps has an active online community. You can chat with other campers/caravanners online and ask questions. The wikicamps admin team is extremely helpful and replies straightaway to fix any problems you may encounter with the app.

However, like anything community ran there is sometimes incorrect information. With Wikicamps, the campsites found are sometimes illegal, missing or have the incorrect facilities listed.

Price: $7.99
Platform: iPhone & Android

#2 – Rain Radar

Rain Radar (formerly BOMradar) is ran off the Bureau of Meteorology satellites. Rain Radar aids caravanners and campers by showing real-time images of rain and storms in the area – allowing you to plan your trip without the uncertainty of the weather looming over your head (pun intended).

The app mimics real-time RADAR-images and provides forecasts including images, the direction/intensity/duration of rain, temperature as well as wind velocity. It is true that you have a better chance of escaping a natural disaster with a Rain Radar as it even shows an option to calculate radar distances such as 64 km, 128 km, 256 km and 512 km to plan your escape during torrential rain.

Price: $0.99

Platform: iPhone & Android

#3 – First Aid

There is no reason you should be without this app.. especially when its free!  The Australian Red Cross’s First Aid app will join your first aid kit, and tell you what to do if someone is injured.

It’s simple to use and has all the steps necessary for common first aid situations.
There’s information on resuscitation and CPR, treating breaks, bites, stings, burns, allergies, blisters and more.

Price: FREE

Platform: iPhone

#4 – Caravan Helper

Caravan Helper is one of the most useful apps you can download as a caravanner. Caravan Helper locates dump points around Australia and provides you with estimated time, distance and the best route to take to get there. Caravan Helper also allows you to save your favourite dumping stations for later use. The administrators of the app provide regular updates and ongoing support.

The application uses data from the Australian Public Toilet Map.

Price: $3.99

Platform: iPhone

#5 – Geocache

Geocache is a real-life game where you use your smartphone to find hidden ‘treasure’ – the treasure being either a tupperware box or cliplock bag that contains souvenirs and a log book.

You can start by reading this guide.

It’s a real life game where you use your smartphone to find hidden ’treasures’ (usually small clip lock bags or Tupperware containers) packed with souvenirs, toys, and of course, a log book. When you collect a ‘treasure’ you fill out the logbook with your name, date and a message. There are more than 2M geocaches all over the world, and they are located in every nook and cranny of Australia.

There’s a free ‘intro’ version of the app, but you can only find 4 geocaches before you’ll need to buy the $9.95 full version of the app.

Price: $9.95

Platform: iPhone & Android