If you’re not completely technology savvy, or a complete social media novice, and you don’t really understand what all this hashtag business is about; don’t you worry! We’re here to explain!

These hashtags might seem a little confusing and unnecessary, but they’re starting to become an integral part in how society communicates online.

A simple click on a Facebook hashtag will take you to a list of posts that contain the same hashtag; and the results are not limited to your friends list.

So, what does this mean for Travelhome?

You might have noticed that we’ve started to incorporate the “#travelhome” into our Facebook posts; what this means is that you can use this hashtag to search, share and socialise with other people using the #travelhome.

We’ve also just started up the TravelhomeAUS Instagram page that is purely for our wonderful customers to keep up to date with everything Travelhome and to connect with fellow Travelhome travellers.

Hashtags used on Instagram are used to complement photos that are shared, help you discover new accounts and people and maybe even make some new Travelhome friends!

So, jump on board, give us a follow-on Instagram by following this link and start sharing all your Travelhome pictures and posts with the #travelhome.

We can’t wait to see what you’re up too!

– The Travelhome Team

In Other News

We’re currently selling TWO pre-loved Travelhomes, and an Avan Liam Poptop; they’re priced to sell fast! Check out all the details by clicking here.

Our team are working as hard as ever, producing amazing quality Fifth Wheelers and offering consistent after sales service. If you’ve ever thought about getting your hands on a Travelhome, 2018 is the year to join!

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