There is a whole new lifestyle that comes with owning a Fifth Wheeler Caravan. We have put a lot of groundwork in to ensure that our Travelhomes provide every comfort that your home would. Something that is a huge area if interest for new Owners is the kitchen functionality of the Travelhome. After all, there is nothing more important in life than amazing food!
We wanted to go over some finer points and cooking ideas that our community of Travelhome Owners have suggested. We think that actual customers are the best resource for tips and info about the Fifth Wheeler life, so all of our tips have come directly from people who own and cook in Travelhomes!

Tip #1: Never underestimate the power of the slow cooker!
Something that came up in our discussion on cooking in the Travelhome repeatedly is the handy slow cooker! This is true in any kitchen; slow cookers are just plain convenient! They are particularly well suited to Caravan kitchens as they produce so much less dishes to wash and take up so much less space than many other methods. Our community of Travelhome Owners agreed that a slow cooker is an absolute essential piece of equipment for convenient cooking. A direct quote from one of our customers remarked that they “can cook a roast, soup, stew... most things”. Another customer remarked that they “wouldn’t be without” their slow cooker! So a hot tip from our community is to have a slow cooker around.

Tip #2: You can save on gas by using camping site power for your appliances
This is another tip that came up repeatedly in our discussion. Lots of seasoned Caravan Owners have come up with resourceful techniques to save their gas and we thought this was a great one. When it comes to cooking in the Travelhome, having third party appliances that can be plugged into caravan site power is handy. Hot plates, toasters and slow cookers can be plugged into camping site power sources, so depending on your diet it will always be handy to have a few extra appliances available in your kitchen.

Tip # 3: Hot Plates, hot plates, hot plates!
We had numerous suggestions for hot plates in our discussions and many of our customers commented that hot plates are a great ‘all-round’ solution for cooking in the Travelhome. We had some great, simple tips from one of our Travelhome Owners, Morvyth on hot plates: “Many one pot meals can be made from continental pastas, simply adding vegetables and protein (tuna goes well)”.

We have also gathered a few simple and convenient recipes from our community of experienced Travelhome cooking experts:

Morvyth’s Easy Spuds:

1.) Cook your spuds for three minutes in the microwave
2.) Add your choice of seasonings
3.) Bake in the oven until crispy golden

Silvia’s quick and versatile bacon:

“Can be used as a side dish for any sort of meat. I often use as the salad on a hamburger.
Usually cooked in same pan as meat - just on the side.

1 Onion
2 slices of bacon (short cut rindless or normal)
2 cup of finely shredded cabbage
Garlic - or not...

Lightly sauté bacon and onion in a couple of teaspoon of oil of your choice
Add the cabbage and put a lid on pan for a couple of minutes.
Ready to go...
I have also added peeled carrot and zucchini.
Quick easy and yummy”